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hOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO Access the unknown "ON/OFF switch" for your brain in under 5 minutes?

Growth Mindset Coach

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This physiological hack has helped hundreds of business leaders increase confidence, clarity, & focus without years of talk therapy, counseling, life coaching or traveling the world to “find yourself”...

Increase Certainty

Reduce unwanted thought patterns by slowing down the prefrontal cortex - responsible for overthinking.


Enhance Focus

Close down mental tabs in your brain to be more clear headed and on point!


Feel Your Best

Release feel good chemicals in your body like dopamine, norepinefrine, endorphins, serotonin and anadamide.


Hit the "OFF switch"

Turn your brain off after work to be more present for loved ones.

Virtual Team Meeting
Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis - (4x Olympic Gold Medalist Champion)

“Abraham has been helping me uncover a lot of hidden mindset obstacles and it’s been awesome!”

Alex Elliot

CEO of Profit Finder

"I am not kidding when I say there is a before and an after breathwork me. The after is calmer, more confident, feels focus, feels powerful like she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to."

Alden Blease

Founder and Chief Creative at R.e.d.d., Inc.

"After one session, I feel a greater sense of clarity on how to grow in order to accomplish immediate and long-term goals."

Maria Castellon

Founder/CEO of Bench-Tek Solutions

“Before practicing active breathing I had a lot of noise in my head, now I feel more ease and power as well as an excitement in bringing that power out into the world.”

Maria Castellon
Alden Blease
Alex Elliot

What You get in this trainning

i. Intro and Explanation Video

You'll get an introductory video explaining the training and the purpose of doing it.

ii. Animated Guided Video

You'll also have access to a FREE guided animation to lead you in practicing the technique explained in the first video

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This training is brought to you by Abraham Heisler:

Mindset coach who uses brain-based tools to help entrepreneurs increase business performance.





We recommend consulting your doctor before engaging in these breathing exercises if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, chronic asthma or other extreme medical condition.

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