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Abraham Heisler, Mindset & Performance Coach

Your brain is your biggest asset. But sometimes it feels like your biggest enemy.

When fear, doubt, and worry set in, even the simplest of tasks become incredibly difficult to complete.


Ever see others accomplish in days what it takes you to do in months?


Frustrating, isn’t it?


Once your brain becomes overwhelmed, your body begins to release cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers your fight or flight response.


In order to compensate, many business professionals adopt the mentality of “working harder”.


This is the most common mistake.


Working harder only leads your body to release MORE cortisol, impeding your ability to properly function.


If your brain is left unchecked in this dangerous loop, you will find yourself on a one-way journey toward BURNOUT.



So if working harder isn’t the answer…


...what is???

How are some people massively successful while others continue to spin in circles?


For the last 20 years, I’ve been fascinated by this question.


I’ve studied multiple disciplines and researched the mind/body connection while learning the high-performance strategies that help people achieve greatness.


What I’ve found is that the trick to reducing stress and increasing productivity is to work with your biology and access little known phenomena called...




In this naturally occurring state, the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that over-analyzes, self-criticizes and generates doubt, gets a rest while giving rise to the more intuitive parts of human functioning. Such as? Give an example. Deeper breathing? Focused thoughts? What is an “intuitive part” of human functioning?


Everything just flows when in transient hypofrontality.


Studies show that once in a flow state, instead of cortisol, the body releases hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, anandamide, and endorphins, which enable you to increase your productivity, creativity, and ability to adapt.

"What does it take to be the best when it matters most?" 

- Steven Kotler (founder of Flow Genome Project

Once you access your TRANSIENT HYPOFRONTALITY you will experience Near perfect High speed decision making!

The premier consulting firm McKinsey and Co. did a 10-year study on flow and productivity and found that top executives were 500% more productive when in FLOW

And here are some other studies that have been done on flow state:

1. 500% improvement in productivity? (McKinsey and Company)

2. 490% faster skill acquisition? (Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA) 

3. 430% Increase in creative problem-solving? (University of Sydney)

 “Very few things do I say with such tenacity, but you need to attend Abraham’s breathwork! By the end of the experience, I was sitting in an entirely new vision that became a new reality for me.”

- Robb Quinn, CEO & Founder of Agency in a Box 


"Breathwork with Abraham was life-changing. It helped me be more aware of the business decisions I am making and understanding

the motivations behind them."

- Jimmy Rutkowsky, Digital Marketing Agency Owner 

How to access the flow state? 


Empower yourself with the best state management techniques to ensure high performance in your business.

The performance strategies I teach are available for study online as well as at one of our in-person events.


These techniques work for busy professionals who do not have a lot of time to invest in learning complicated systems.


They also produce the same effect of long periods of meditation without the need to sit with your eyes closed for hours.


In short, they are easy to practice and incredibly effective.


Imagine what it would be like access your FLOW STATE on demand so you never get stuck in the cortisol stress loop again.


Can you see how empowered you will feel when you no longer have your inner critic questioning your every move?


When you can accomplish more by doing less, you truly know what it means to be a high-performer!

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