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ABOUT ME - Heisler Coaching

Hi, I’m Abraham Heisler! I’m a mindset and performance coach specializing in educating business professionals on reducing stress, increasing productivity, and leveraging their actual ability. Ultimately, I want to empower my clients, showing my own experiences to unlock my unlimited potential. 


My Story

Although many experiences in my life lead to this moment - let’s start when I arrived in India, fresh out of university accompanied by my search for true meaning and a passion for yoga. Taking time, I studied amongst monks, driving deep into meditation. It didn’t take me long to realize; self-realization wasn’t the only thing for me. I wanted to share my explorations of the mind.


Picking up a camera, I took to film-making to share my findings. In theory, as an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, I should have been reaching thousands of viewers, but that wasn’t the case. 


I felt like I was speaking, but nobody was listening. Have you ever had that feeling? 


Eventually, I started walking down a dark path in my mind. I had big dreams, but nobody was listening. Enough was enough, and I vowed to break free from the limitations holding me back. Investing in my dreams was the best decision I could have made; it wasn’t long till I was now the founder of a 6-figure coaching company. But, it wasn’t to last. 


Our hormones are complex workings that ultimately correspond to how we react in various situation. I learned that the ability to raise testosterone levels contributes to a successful business career. It gives you more energy, more initiative, willingness to take more significant risks and most importantly, the ability to assertive. We will come back to the impact of this in just a moment, but back to the toll, it had taken on me.


Challenges slowly crept into place; I took to my business too hard, too fast. Eventually, cracks started to show, the initial wave of high-value clients dried up, combined with some poor financial decisions, I was entering a slippery slope to financial ruin. 


As an entrepreneur, naturally, I continued to push forward. I was foolishly avoiding the telltale signs of working too hard, stressing me out and sending my body into an endless loop. Eventually, everything came crashing down; when a lucrative, business-saving deal didn’t come off, I stormed right out of the office onto the street. I saw oncoming traffic and felt the impulse to throw myself out into the road. 


Drawing inner strength, I didn’t obey the thought; this moment changed my life. 


Our bodies are complex organisms; what I know and understand now was that my body was releasing a cocktail of hormones - endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and anandamide overriding the cortisol, making me feel like I’d just ran a marathon. 


As with my sole intentions from the very beginning, I want to support you in discovering your self-realization. Right now, I’m working alongside career-driven individuals from all walks of life, from CEOs to high-powered executives, helping them uncover the limitless potential of their mind. I genuinely believe that all my past experiences have directed me down this road, and I wouldn’t change a single thing. 

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