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Want to Build a $100,000+ Coaching Business Using Social Media?

What if I told you, you could build a powerful online coaching business that will attract many online clients, make you influential without using a website, or spending money on advertisement?

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Endless Possibilities

➤ You will attract clients on social media that are looking for your help, clients willing to pay you for having a positive influence on their lives when they need it most. 

➤ You can help many people achieve excellent results who will provide you countless positive testimonials.

➤ You will receive reliable guidance and support at every step of the way so you can achieve results instantly.

➤ You can make at least $10k every month by simply helping other people to achieve their dreams.

➤ You can be a successful online influencer, where people will talk about you and your brand. As your online presence grows, they will refer their friends and family to your business. 

So, are you ready to start your journey to become a successful online coach? If so, Business Accelerator for coaches (BAC) will help you 10X your business to the next level. 

What our students are saying...

Emilie Guimond-Bélanger

Sold her first $5K package and now charges $10K for coaching.

Zach Kleyn

Went from $3K/month to $14/month and sold first $9K package.

Emma Lorraine Pask

Sold $15K in first 6 weeks of coaching.

New York City


Business ACCELERATOR for Coaches

Your Blueprint to Growing a 6-Figure Online Coaching Business

What is Business Accelerator for Coaches?

BAC is a systematic course that will give you insight into building and developing an online coaching brand by leveraging social media.


This course will take 90 days, after which you will experience amazing results.

You will begin the course as a regular student. On completion, you will be an expert, attracting online clients from all walks of life, bringing in significant revenue to your business. 

Unlike other online courses, you won't have to learn alone, you will get to meet other students in online interactive classes to brainstorm ideas and maximize your business opportunity. 

We split BAC into eight modules. You will learn about: 

➤ Offer creation

➤ Different Sales Systems

➤ Productivity stats


➤ Sales funnels

➤ Marketing

Social media development


Content creation

Niche insights 


Every week, you will get an assignment to work on, after 90 days, you will be a leader in the industry, attracting many clients to your online business which will grow your sales exponentially.

To get immediate personalized support, you will just need to reach out BAC’s private support group or take advantage of the weekly video calls with a professional BAC coach. There will be a mentor to ensure you have the necessary training to build your online coaching business.

At BAC, we will give you an elite mindset for training on financial literacy but also on personal growth, which will be your foundation for success.


You will learn about all the high-performance routines and strategies that make all the great entrepreneurs so successful.

If you haven’t already figured it out, we are only interested in ensuring your online business coach journey is a success. 

At BAC, will support, empower you to take action, be accountable, and give you the right education to provide you the best opportunity for success. This is why we stick to our claim that you will have unbeatable results after 90 days. 

What our students are saying...

Does The Following Sound Familiar?


  You have no clear vision on the best way to position yourself strategically as a leading online brand that can sell with confidence.

 Your wish is to build an ever-growing base of social media followers, but you don't know where or how to make engaging content to have an ever-growing base of dedicated social media followers.

You feel you can be successful at whatever you do, however, you feel the marketing side of doing business is just too overwhelming. 

You know how to meet potential clients, create networks, but cannot come up with the best formula to move your business online or get clients using social media without costing you thousands. 

You intend to take advantage of the perks that come from running your business from the comfort of your own home while giving you the flexibility to travel around the world, working the hours that you want.

New York City

If the above thoughts have run through your mind...

BAC will give you the skills and tools to achieve these goals

How Does BAC Work? 

Comprehensive Curriculum

BAC gives you access to a comprehensive curriculum of 8 modules.

Unlimited and Highly-Demanded Mentorship

At BAC, we will provide you with comprehensive training, daily support, and weekly group coaching video calls to help you whenever you hit a brick wall or have those questions that would normally take you hours to figure out. We have designed all this to provide you with the best chance of creating a successful online business that attracts clients organically and consistently.


Once you take the BAC course, we will assign a dedicated coach to monitor your progress, help you progress your course by keeping you motivated and accountable throughout the program. 

Proven Track Road

With BAC, our instructions will be clear and simple to follow, you will receive answers to your questions immediately, all we ask in return is for some dedication so you can thrive straight away. 

Unlimited Access

After enrolling in BAC, you get unlimited access to our entire curriculum. This means you take advantage of the resources, educational modules, and community support even after you have completed this 90-day course.

Supportive Community

We have a very supportive community made up of like-minded coaches and students willing to connect with you to give you the required support. The coach we assign you will be responsible for your growth, ensuring they inspire you, and motivate you all the way to the end and beyond.

What our students are saying...

June Kaewsith - coach

Successfully created a $50K launch working with Abraham.

Sam Morton - Coach

First $10K month from coaching with Abraham.

Patrick Cooke - Coach

Increased rates and went from "sales avoidant" to landing $3K clients.

- Course Outline -


🔹6-Figure Coach Blueprint 

The BAC blueprint will include training you on how to get started, grow, and scale up your coaching business to a level at which it can generate six figures. You will understand how to be successful, what to focus on, and the right business models to develop your business.


🔹Program Your Mind To Achieve Success

In this second module, we will teach the scientific secret formula that all millionaires around the world based on the 80/20 rule. We will also help you identify and overcome factors that prevent your business from growing, allowing you to achieve your success in half the time.


🔹Finding the Most Suitable Niche

Module 3 focuses on giving you a clear direction when choosing a niche. The aim is to ensure you choose the right niche, whereby you know your target client extremely well. You get to learn the art of positioning yourself strategically as an expert in the field and carry out in-depth market research and validating your niche so you do not waste any time. Under this module, you will also learn how to generate a simple message that bypasses any noise to make you a leader in your niche irrespective of your business experience or audience size.


🔹Crafting An Enticing Offer

Be prepared to attract high-paying customers. In this module, you get to learn how to come with an irresistible offer. You will also learn how to develop a reliable program that gives you significant results, attracts clients, and gives you control over what to charge for your services. This module will give you a premium experience to become an influential leader in your industry.


🔹Selling With Authenticity and Confidence

Time to sell your service. This module will teach you how to feel confident with your offer by getting rid of any doubts you have. By capitalizing on the sales script we use at BAC; you will close high-paying clients. You will learn about Sales psychology to understand why and how people buy products so you can sell anything to anybody.


🔹Attracting clients

Attracting the right type of clients can be extremely difficult and frustrating. BAC will teach you the fundamentals of our Client Attraction Formula that will allow you to land high converting clients so you can reproduce the model to bring success to your business year in year out. We will also teach you the best way to grow a profitable and engaged audience on social media, create great content, increase order calls, and engage in meaningful productive conversations with clients.  


🔹Productivity and Business Management

This module focuses on how to best manage yourself, online business, time, and energy. You get to learn some of some systems that will ensure you get a lot of work done within a short time. By engaging in daily routines, you become even more productive. We will also train you on how to create a healthy online business and work like an entrepreneur that is extremely organized and the tenacity to overcome any hurdles.


🔹Maximizing Profits, Happy Clients and Referrals

Now it is time to make your clients feel happy. This is an art that many online entrepreneurs are yet to master. With BAC, you will learn how to make your clients very happy and become loyal to you. You will also receive sufficient training in fostering productive relationships with clients, so they feel appreciated, understood, and heard. We will ensure you create lasting results that will generate crazy referrals and testimonials so you never run out of clients.

What our students are saying...

Friends at Lunch

 🎯 BAC is Not Just an Ordinary Course! 

With an ordinary course, you will experience the following problems:

❌ ​An unreliable customer support team that does not interact with clients.

​❌ Focused on giving you too much information that will not equip you with any skills.

​❌ Emphasize the need to splash money on adverts even before making a single sale.

​❌ Will not equip you with the right knowledge to get rid of mindset obstacles likely to cripple your progress.

​❌ Lacks a strategy that can track your success, progress and keep you accountable.

​❌ Developed by individuals who are not professionals and do not know what scaling an online coaching business looks like.

​❌ Do not generate any results, but only focus on getting you to just sign up.

​❌ Not interested in giving you value for your money.

Advantages of BAC:

✅ Developed by professionals in creating 6 figure online businesses through social media using the latest tools available on the market. 

✅ ​We provide daily support and weekly LIVE group training.

✅ ​We equip you with interpersonal skills and the right mindset to get through mental obstacles.

​✅ We provide you with a determined Accountability Coach to track your progress, help you whenever you are stuck.

✅ We provide you with a proven structure and system to obtain your targets on a weekly basis.

✅ ​We teach you the secret behind selling your services without spending on unnecessary ads.

✅ ​Focuses on results, by giving you unlimited access to important material.


​Takes into consideration your holistic transformation, mission, purpose and inner fulfillment.

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Student Spotlight

My work with Abraham has been transformational


I came to him seeking a higher level of income and more systems in my business as well as changing some of the story I had around money.

At the time I was seeing clients in person, charging by session and stuck at $10K/month.


In our time working together I set some pretty lofty financial goals and have reached the goal I had for myself, which is awesome!


As a result I was able to reach $20K/month in my business.


Abraham has challenged me at a higher lever to create more structure, programs and process in my business.

Margaret Schwenke, Eating Psychology Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Coach 

Once you complete the BAC course you will:

​Get the confidence to sell your services with authenticity and a lot of ease.

Put in place a reliable marketing strategy to attract high-paying clients.

Solve problems in your online business and rely on the community support to achieve your goals

​Have online coaching freedom that allows you to enjoy some free time 

Create a content policy that will make you an expert in your field, be the most sought-after online coach, and ultimately take your brand to the next level.

Stang-up Meeting

What People are saying...

Andrew Kroeze - CEO of Tribe of Buyers

Alex Schlinsky - CEO of Prospecting on Demand

Nicolai - Filmmaker and Coach, made $25K working with Abraham

Aysha Radwan - coach who built her business with help of abraham

Matt Roscetti - Cartoonist

Victoria Kennedy - Digital Marketing Agency owner

dada nabhaniilananda "The Monk Dude" - shifted his business in one session with Abraham

John Day - Digital Marketing Agency owner

Margaret Schwenke - Eating Psychology Coach, took her business to $20K/month

Meet The Team


(Lead Coach)
Abraham Heisler

Mindset and Sales Mentor

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Abraham built a 6-figure coaching business with little business experience and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs increase their income and impact.


Jasmine Lopez

Marketing Coach

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As a nurse and single mom, Jasmine scaled her marketing agency to 6-figures in 6 months!"


Kameron Snow

Copywriting Coach