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Discover The ‘Next Level’ In Your Life?

(A Level Which You Possibly Don’t Even Know Exists - Yet)...


In just a moment, I’ll explain how one day I had the dark impulse to throw myself into oncoming traffic - and how this impulse gave me an epiphany that changed my entire life. loo


But first - you’re probably asking ‘What’s this ‘Next Level’ thing all about?’


Well, the thing about 'The Next Level' is that it's different for each person. 


For some people, they can earn a ton more money straightaway. 


For others, they already earn money in bucket loads  - but their next level means experiencing incredible new connections with friends and family, rejuvenating tired relationships and finally making that one life change they’ve been putting off.


Or maybe it’s simply a case of ridding yourself of those annoying thoughts buzzing like flies around your head, and replacing them with a deep, calm, inner peace. 


Now I know that might sound new age and a bit 'woo woo' - but…

When was the last time you were able to switch your brain off?


Do you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind racing on a regular basis?


Are you constantly juggling what seems like 1000 thoughts in your head all at once?

Was there ever a time when zoning out wasn’t the norm, and you could actually hear EVERY word your partner or kids said to you - because you had nothing else on your mind?


Here are a few examples of clients of mine - just like you - who were able to reach 'The Next Level':


1. Emilie had never booked out her $5,000 coaching package before. She fought her noisy doubts and demons, overcame her insecurities and is now habitually selling $10,000 programs.


2. Andrew built his multi-million business from zero over two years. Using my tried-and-tested productivity techniques, he got over his mental ruts and procrastination wherever he encountered them.


3. Sam was a struggling life coach, unable to get behind his own high ticket program and make a sale. After just one session with me, he finally got out of his own way and earned his first $3,000. Now Sam’s regularly reaching $10K months, but it all started with the one session I’m going to share with you.


There's no-one whom I've worked with - including some of the top CEOs in the world - who has not found a “next level”, even when they think they have it all and don’t need anything else.

I. Getting up at 5am daily to spend hours meditating before breakfast...


II. Years of talking therapy, counseling, life coaching or traveling the world to “find yourself”...

III. Using all your holiday to stay in an expensive retreat to reach your “higher self” - only to return to everyday life and find your peace and harmony disappears as soon as you walk through your office doors again.

Man Climbing

So how do you know if there’s another level for you waiting to be untapped? 


Here are a few clues...

  1. Your brain has no off switch: Your thoughts are racing through your head at 1,000 miles an hour. As soon as you focus on one, ten more appear in your peripheral vision, leaving you with palpitations.

  2. Good night’s sleep is a distant memory for you: You wake up every night ruminating on a variety of topics without getting clarity on anyone. As a result, you’re exhausted the next day with no energy to push yourself to accomplish more.

  3. You wake up most mornings with dread: Despite having read every book on the topic promising you a magic “morning routine”, you struggle to wake up and end up cursing the world and everything in it.

  4. You zone out of conversations: When colleagues and family speak to you, you can’t focus. And worse, you’re sometimes not even aware they’re speaking to you at all.

  5. You live on caffeine: You start your day with a cup of coffee, or ten, just to get your engine started. Then you experience the crash, which no amount of caffeine or energy drinks can fix. As a result, you can’t get to sleep at night and the whole vicious cycle begins again.

  6. Progress feels stunted: Even though you regularly clock up the hours in work, and carry on through evenings and weekends, you feel stuck. Or your progress feels a little like one step forward, five steps back, constantly.

  7. It’s never ‘your day’: – Most of the time, everything feels difficult, like you’re trudging through mud – As a consequence, you’ve lost the joy in your business.

  8. Your to-do list never gets smaller: You secretly suspect that, for all your hours chained to the desk, you get very little done. How is that even possible? 

  9. You’re experiencing decision fatigue as a result of having made too many today already. Or else you’re paralysed and don’t know which way to turn.

  10. You’ve got 15 tabs open in your browser at any one time at the last count. Or was it 47? And roughly double that number in your brain.

  11. That nagging voice in your head: Despite all your accomplishments, there’s a critic inside your brain telling you you’re not good enough, that you’re an impostor, that you don’t deserve the success you already have, let alone more.

  12. You say yes to things you wish you could say no to: but you keep on wanting to please people, fix their problems and do everything else because if not, the world will collapse.

  13. You often feel frustrated or angry - and there’s no obvious reason why.

  14. Family don’t understand: Despite your best efforts to provide for your family, they don’t seem to appreciate what you do. You’re unable to create a deeper connection with them because you hardly ever see them, and when you do, you’re not really there with them in the room at all - Your mind is in the office!

  15. You regularly lose it: You end up having arguments, snapping or getting irritable, because they don’t think you’re interested in what they’re saying.

  16. You’ve neglected your wellbeing: You eat unhealthy snacks and convenience food, skip the gym most days and survive on the minimum amount of sleep (because you’ll sleep when you’re dead…) On the rare occasion you do any socializing and someone asks you what your hobbies are, you can’t even remember!

If you can relate to five or more of the above scenarios, then it’s possible you may be experiencing symptoms of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, burnout or a mix of them all. You wouldn’t be the only one. In fact, according to Business Insider: “30% of founders report dealing with effects of depression, and more than 50% of those get to burnout.”

You may be thinking:

“I don’t have these problems - I’m strong, mentally fit, and resilient. I work best under pressure. In fact, stress feeds and motivates me. These things only affect weak people who are scared of a good day’s labor - The kind of wimps who stop for lunch and are home before 8pm.”

And maybe you’re right: you may never identify these issues in your life. But then that’s great - You’re in an even better place to enjoy the clarity needed to experience your Next Level in record time!


For lots of us, however…

These “Next Level Blockers” can strike at any moment…


No matter how professional, wealthy, or successful you are.

You see, this has nothing to do with whether you're a strong person or not. It can happen to anyone.


I found this out for myself, when, from nowhere, a deep fog crept up on me I didn’t think I’d be able to get out of. 


I hadn’t realized until too late that there was anything wrong – Yes, my business was going through some turbulence, but I was handling it. I knew what to do!


Or so I thought.


So when a lucrative, business-saving deal didn’t come off, I handled it terribly -  actually storming out of the client meeting. I stumbled out into the street and then I saw the oncoming traffic.


And then I felt it...

A tiny impulse to fling me out onto the road.


This was me, a man whom everyone in my life described as calm and together. Yet here I was, wanting to throw my life away because of financial pressure and feeling the shame of my business collapsing.


Thankfully, I didn’t obey the thought, and that’s why I’m here talking to you now.


That was the moment that changed my life and I knew then what I had to do.


I spent years working with yogic monks and studying the mind-body connection to discover the quickest, most-effective techniques and good habits to counter burnout, boost productivity, work smarter and hustle a whole lot less - Something which would open me up to an entirely new way of living.

And now, as a mindset and performance coach, I’ve shared these very same lessons with CEOs and high-powered executives from all over the world. 

Not only do I show them how to overcome the particular hurdles I’ve mentioned above, but also my years working as a film director taught me to identify the hidden story within each person.


That means I uncover the limiting beliefs that stop people from going after what they really want - beliefs that can equate to losses of thousands or even millions of dollars in revenue.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as just one tweak that leads to dollars in the bank...

So let me ask you…


How would it feel to leap out of bed every day, driven, motivated, and knowing exactly what you’re going to accomplish before 5 pm? Or even 10 am? This isn’t a fantasy - this is absolutely doable for those who want in.

Just imagine:


Being fully ‘present’ for your family every day: You instinctively know where to put your energy during your working hours, so each evening you’re mentally free to enjoy quality time with your family - No nagging in the back of your head.


Having time to focus on your wellbeing - How fun would it be to finally get to the gym each day (and full of beans at that!), cook healthy and delicious meals from scratch, watch the sunset with your loved one, pick up the guitar, study a new language… Or even book a vacation - Your first in years, maybe?

Being able to make decisions easily - When you’re burned out, even the easiest decision seems like an excessive chore. Other people procrastinate and focus on the work that doesn’t matter. But not you. You know what to home in on, what to delegate and when to say no.

When you work with me, you’ll finally have time to stop, catch your breath, rise above the everyday tasks and see your world from a new perspective - So at last you have to regroup and ask “What do I actually want?” 


Successful entrepreneur Sean admits he’s highly strung and overwhelmed by all the tasks on his to-do list, but after learning the techniques I’m going to share with you, he finally felt calmer, refocused, and energized.

After a session I gave at a conference, Cindy finally felt compelled to take action by picking up the phone to clinch those sales deals, no longer held back by procrastination.

You too can identify your next level with a little help from me in only 30 minutes - And you don’t even need to leave the house.


The Next Level is entirely individual - It may be going from 6 to 7 figures a month, reducing your days from ten hours to three, or finding a new path entirely, like summoning the courage to move abroad or finally open up to that special someone.


The results vary from person to person, but one thing I can guarantee is a better life is waiting for you.

Moving forward in your life or your business seems impossible when you’re too buried in the trenches of your work.


So let me explain it like this...


When you’re driving, you most often see the road ahead, just one route. But if you’re in a helicopter, you can see the entire street as well as all the surrounding blocks. You become aware of where your path splits and where a new one leads.


In the same way, my Executive Energy Audit gives you a mile-high view of your life so you can discern which road you need to be on and how to get there. No more struggling with maps, broken sat navs or pure guesswork.


And the best part is it doesn’t take years of perfecting Buddhist traditions or using up your vacation days to visit an Ashram to reach your own mountain top moment.

The answer is simple, straightforward and achievable, wherever you are in the world:


Entering the ‘flow state’. 


This can be done through hours of meditation, but let’s face it, who’s got time for that?

That’s why I’ve distilled the process into a FREE 30-minute 'Executive Energy Audit'. 


During this half-hour call with me, I’ll ask you a few simple questions to discover where you are leaking energy right now - and more importantly, I’ll give you the steps you can take to fix it. 


By the time we're done, you'll have a broken-down action plan to help you experience superhuman levels of energy all day every day.


Not only that, but you'll notice you’ve got clearer, more focused thinking. You'll be making excellent decisions easily without battling the usual brain fog. 


You'll finally be able to enjoy time with your family without dealing with endless thoughts about work and 'stuff'. 


And you'll sleep like a baby every single night, waking up refreshed and excited for the day ahead!

Choose your free Executive Energy Audit at a time that’s convenient for you...

Sketch Arrow

Why should I sign up?


It’s just 30-minutes – You only need a short time with me to get the benefits of hours and hours of meditation for most people - and that means discovering where you should focus your energy to make you happier.


It’s simple – You don’t need any equipment, knowledge or specific skills to join me – You don’t have to prepare, do homework or fill in a questionnaire. Simply sign up below, save it in your calendar app and turn up at the scheduled time.


It’s globally accessible  – This free session takes place online, so you can join in from anywhere in the world.


Completely free – It doesn’t cost you a cent to sign up – And in just half an hour, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars that you habitually waste in time, energy and in making poor decisions.

Abraham, I’m ready to level up my life!

I’ve got a business coach - Why do I need an energy audit?


Business coaches are brilliant for helping you out with situations in business, whether you want to earn more, restructure your company or reach a new market. 


Yet two people can work with the same business coach and get completely different outcomes. One will go on to grow their business and the other will remain stuck. 


Why is this? 


In short, because we’re all starting from a different place. We need to do the inner work to change limiting beliefs and remove mental barriers. Standard business coaching doesn’t allow for this.


My strategic coaching in mindset and productivity can pinpoint where you’re wasting your time and energy. This means you can begin to finally perform at your best so you can get even more from your other coaching.

This sounds a bit new age-y – I’m not into “woo woo” stuff


I respect your opinion, but it’s not all about spirituality… For me this is science!


I’ve spent decades researching the link between mind, body and business to help frustrated entrepreneurs finally accomplish more. My objective with mindset coaching is to help you reach your peak so you get more dollars into your bank account - That’s a very tangible benefit. 


Isn’t it worth exploring for just 30 minutes? Then you can feel free to dismiss it as ‘woo-woo and new age-y’ with authority.


But I urge you to take up this challenge and keep an open mind. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

How do I know it’s even going to make a difference?


All you have to do is give it a chance – If you’ve spent years wondering how to step off the work-sleep treadmill without your business crashing and burning, then this could finally give you the answer.


It might not be right for you, but at worst, you’ll have realized this, and so you’ll have gained that insight if nothing else.

What if I don’t have any blockers? I just want to do better in my business.


All the strategies I teach can benefit people who want to perform at a higher level in work, business or life – You don’t have to be suffering from burnout, anxiety or any other mental health blockers to reap the rewards of this free session. 


There may be just a little tweak needed to open up a whole new level to you that you’ve never even contemplated.

Will this one session give me everything I need to fix my life?


This 30-minute taster session let’s us diagnose what’s holding you back. Once you have that knowledge and an action plan to work with, you don’t need another session like this one. But you may want to work with me again to learn more of my tried-and-tested techniques and put your new-found clarity to good use - meaning you can do more with your working day in a fraction of the time.


Longer-term coaching means you can really unpack your deeply held limiting beliefs and then unleash your potential in work and in life.

PS - Join me for a 30-minute Executive Energy Audit to discover your Next Level in life and business - Completely free!


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