How does it work?

 'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.'
- C.G. Jung

The Internal Leverage Method takes a dual approach:


1 . Identify the "story" that's hiding in your brain's physical wiring system (and learn how to rewrite the script, so you can shift from 24/7 stress into constant calm & power).


2 . Empowering you with the best state management techniques to ensure your high performance as the executive in your business.

"I had been stuck for a long time and working with Abe started to bring instant results. Within the first week I landed 4 new jobs in one day. The man is extremely knowledgeable and knows what he’s talking about." -Matt (Cartoonist)


"I feel a greater sense of clarity on how to grow in order to accomplish immediate and long term goals. I’d highly recommend Abraham to anyone who’s is ready to confront areas of weakness in order to gain greater self-actualization, so that they may reach their highest potential." -Alden (Chief Creative Officer for R.E.D.D, Inc.)


Stress doesn't have to run the show forever. If you're ready to use this Internal Leverage Method to rewire your brain (and literally SHIFT your personality), let's get on the phone.


In twenty minutes, I can help you find the "power switch" that's keeping you in constant panic mode...and together, we can map out a plan to get you from "dark night of the soul" to Overnight Success. Your biggest goals are closer than you think they are.

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