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Hear from people who have experienced my High-Performance Training. 


Alex Schlinsky

CEO of Prospecting on Demand

"We generated 6-figures in one weekend at our seminar. I attribute a large part of that to Abe's support."


Andrew Kroeze

CEO of Tribe of Buyers

"We recently held a mastermind where Abe led us through some mindset and performance training. I was so blown away I asked him to come coach in my organization. At our 200 person event last year, Abraham's support helped us close 7-figures in business."


Alex S. Elliot

Digital Marketing Expert

"I am not kidding when I say there is a before and an after breathwork me. The after breathwork me is calmer, more confident, feels focus, feels powerful, feels like she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Abraham truly knows his stuff."


Brad Newman

7-Figure Sales Professional

"You know what I do to breakthrough my business and sales? Breathwork!"


Robb Quinn

CEO of Agency in a Box

"Very few things do I say with such tenacity, but you need to practice Abraham's breathwork!"


Doug Boughton

Affiliate Marketing Expert

"Whether entrepreneur or not, Abraham's performance techniques are for anyone seeking to remove blockages and achieve true clarity. I highly recommend working with him!"



From previous clients on How Mindset Coaching has changed their Business.